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Modern Movement M-Pad

Modern Movement M-Pad

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Step up to better balance, strength and agility with the M-Pad Balance Trainer. Challenge your core through instability training, as you tap into the latest technology. The M-Trac app turns your workout into a live gaming experience or put yourself through a series of 20 second challenges to test your mastery and measure your improvement. M-Pad Balance Trainer offers three height and difficulty levels, and is collapsible, making it a compact, portable training tool that can be used anywhwere...from the family room to the gym to the office!

• Sync with M-Trac app to create a seamless integration of technology and strength
• Measure balance ability and track improvement; or simply play games
• Project M-Trac onto a monitor or TV for easier viewing

• 3 height pads for 3 levels of skill
• Mobile device tray displays M-Trac app
• Tilt & swivel for optimum instability

• Textured surface designed for traction
• Collapsible, portable, lightweight