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Modern Movement Edge-Board

Modern Movement Edge-Board

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Modern Movement Edge-Board

Modern Movement Edge-Board Description: 

Get stronger, leaner and more agile while tapping into the latest technology to hit the fitness market. The revolutionary M-Trac app gives you the ability to utilize a digital trainer and track improvement during your full body Edge-Board workout. Anchored by your hands or your feet, the Edge-Board's rocking deck creates instability and the uniquely shaped wheels offer a range of arcing motions to really amp up the challenge. It’s the edge you need to take your fitness to the next level.

TECHNOLOGY Modern Movement Edge-Board
• Sync with M-TracTM app to create a seamless integration of technology and strength
• Track results on device, log number of
reps and range of movement & store workout history
• Project M-TracTM onto a monitor or TV for easier viewing

PERFORMANCE & QUALITY Modern Movement Edge-Board
• Braking action stops movement at any point—start with short extensions and
gradually increase over time
• Curved wheels enable arcing turns that engage a wide range of muscles
• Designed to create instability that works to build your core

COMFORT & USABILITY Modern Movement Edge-Board
• Ergonomically designed handles
• Removeable device deck
• Portable, lightweight