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HD Elite Combo Rack

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HD Elite Combo Rack

The dynamic HD Elite Combo Rack has more than a thousand different ways to build your own rack. You’re able to meet the specific needs of your training program with easy-to-adjust, space-conscious racks. Modularity allows for each rack to be customized even long after it’s installed, so it can grow with your training needs.


  • Product Dimension: 59" L x 55.5" W x 96" H
  • Product Weight: 557 lb 
  • Max user Weight: 400 lb 
  • Max Training Weight: 855 lb 

Front/Back Options: 

  • Half Rack Short Base
  • Half Rack Long Base
  • Multi Rack

Storage Options: 

  • Stand Alone Storage
  • Short Single Storage
  • Medium Single Storage

Optional add ons & Accessories: 

  • Dual Pull-up
  • Straight Bar Pull-up
  • Neutral Pull-up bar
  • Sumo Base
  • Bumper Plate & Tray - Front Load
  • Bumper Plate & Tray - Side Load