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HD Athletic Pro Half Rack

HD Athletic Pro Half Rack

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A versatile performance strength training area that packs a lot into a relatively small space. Combine with other racks and accessories to create a workout area to fit your athletes.

Maximum versatility with minimum holes in the frame for a clean and attractive look. Four high-wear colors for uprights and cross member options, and standard Hammer Strength color choices for the frames.


  • HD Athletic Half Rack
  • Product Dimensions: 61.3" x 65.5" x 97.5" (155.8cm x 166cm x 248cm)
  • Product Weight410lb (186kg)
  • Max user Weight: 350lb (159kg)
  • Max Training Weight: 495lb (224kg)
  • Number of Weight Horns:

Optional add ons & Accessories: 

  • Multi-Grip Pull-up
  • Thick/ Skinny Pull-up
  • Neutral Pull-up bar
  • Rack Bumper Plate Storage (Pair)
  • Power Pivot