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HD Athletic Pro Bridge

HD Athletic Pro Bridge

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Performance strength training that maximizes space. Olympic training and storage options are connected by an overhead bridge that offers the opportunity for group suspension training, body weight training and more. Open space underneath HD Athletic Bridge can also be used for a variety of general group exercise.

Several configuration sizes fit nearly any space. Choose from four high-wear colors for uprights and cross member options, and standard Hammer Strength color choices for the frames.


  • HD Athletic Perimeter
  • Product Dimensions (Single Side): 247.5" x 65" x 115.6" (628.6cm x 165.1cm x 293.6cm)
  • Product Dimensions (Double Bridge): 255.5" x 185" x 115.6" (649cm x 469.9cm x 293.6cm)
  • Product Dimensions (Triple Bridge): 255.5" x 305.7" x 115.6" (649cm x 776.5cm x 293.6cm)
  • Product Weight (Single Bridge): 1,408lb (638.6kg)
  • Product Weight (Double Bridge): 2,975lb (1,349kg)
  • Product Weight (Triple Bridge): 4,542lb (2,060kg)
  • Max user Weight:  350lb (159kg)
  • Max Training Weight:  495lb (224kg)

Optional add ons & Accessories: 

  • Monkey Bar (42" / 72")
  • Thick/ Skinny Pull-up (42" / 72")
  • Dumbbell Tray (72")
  • Kettlebell Tray
  • Bar Catches (Pair)
  • Power Pivot