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HD Athletic NX Half Rack

HD Athletic NX Half Rack

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The most popular rack configuration, the HD Athletic NX Half Rack combines space efficiency with a full storage solution.


  • Upright Height: 86" or 91"
  • Pull-up Options: Monkey Bar, Offset Bar, 2-Handle Bar, 2x3 Square
  • Rear XM Option: 2X3 Square, Super Duty XM (compatible with custom sign), Hammer Strength Sign
  • Bar Catches/ Supports: Standard Bar Supports, Premium Bar Supports, Standard HR Bar Catches, Premium HR Bar Catches
  • Storage Depth: 15" or 21"
  • Weight Horns: 4 Pairs – Standard, 2 Pairs – Standard, 2 Pairs – Long, 4 Pairs – Long
  • Item SKU: HDW-HR