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1. Sit-up Bench

Muscle Focus: Core and Back

Training: This exercise can improve the strength of the abdominal muscles, as well as the flexor group of muscles of the hip and upper thigh. It can be used for sit-ups, knee-ups and back stretches.

2. Push-up/Dip Station

Muscle Focus: Triceps, Dips, Shoulders, Chest and Core

Training: This multi-purpose product can be used for tricep dips and push-ups.

3. Chest Press

Muscle Focus: Chest, Triceps and Shoulders

Training: The Chest Press exercise provides an optimal range of motion while you press out and lift part of your body weight as resistance.

4. Lat Pull Down

Muscle Focus: Back, Shoulders and Biceps

Training: Pull the upper bar towards your body using part of your body weight as the resistance.

5. Leg Press

Muscle Focus: Strengthens Leg muscles (particularly Quadriceps and Calves), as well as Gluteus Maximus

Training: Sit on the chair and step on the footboard. Stretching legs with force and recover slowly. Repeat. An important workout for developing leg strength, this piece is effective in using your own body weight for resistance.

6. Pull-up Bar (5 Included)

Muscle Focus: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Chest and Back

Training: A traditonal piece of fitness equipment, which is great for pull-ups and hanging in place to stretch.