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1. Knee-lift / Dip Station

Great multi-use station! Focus on your core while doing knee & leg lifts. This station can also be used for inverted pull-ups.

2. Decline Sit-up Bench with Ball Target

Another great station for various exercises. Use as a standard decline sit-up bench, or turn around and use it for an incline leg lift station. The Ball Target allows the user to toss a medicine ball while doing sit-ups for a more intense core workout

3. Variable Push-up Station

A multi-level station that allows inclined push-ups at various levels.

4. Step-up Platforms (12",18", 24" & 30")

These steps are great for doing basic step-ups, box jumps Bulgarian split squats, and many others.

5. Overhead Climber

Great station to work multiple areas of your body with the help of assisted steps to get up and back down. Reach up and traverse across, hang in place to stretch or do some leg raises to focus on your core.

6. Variable Pull-up Station

Using the assisted step, reach up and grab bars for pull-ups and leg raises. Grab the bars wider for wide-grip pull-ups.

7. Swedish Ladder

Also known as Stall Bars, there are many different exercises and stretching techniques for both upper and lower body. Use the overhead bar for knee raises or pull-ups. Or really challenge yourself and try the “human flag”!

8. Battle Ropes Loop

Battle ropes are a great way to get in a full-body workout, with so many different variable exercises. We have added a loop to our ExoCage that allows you to attach the battle ropes. Battle rope not included — just the attachment loop.