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TRX Stability Ball 65 cm Fitness for Life Puerto RIco

TRX Stability Ball 65 cm

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TRX Stability Ball 65 cm


Balance out your training. Improve core strength, overall balance, and—yes—even your posture by adding our TRX® Stabiilty Ball to any workout. There’s nothing like the instant core challenge a stability ball adds, whether you’re performing basic crunches or going high-octane with speedy woodchops, for sport, rehab, and overall fitness. Plus, use it to improve flexibility and proprioception (that’s fit speak for coordination and strength, like when doing planks off the ball). Hand-crafted with durable, non-slip vinyl that won’t pop from heavy use. Available in 55 or 65 cm.

Product specifications:

  • Available in diameters of 55CM (good for height 5'1" - 5'8") or 65CM (good for height 5'8' - 6'1").
  • Strong vinyl construction prevents slipping
  • Made with Anti-Burst Technology—stability balls are burst resistant and can withstand 1,000 LBs
  • Shipped deflated in a box. Includes plastic plug to retain air after inflation.
  • Does not include air pump