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Troy GOT-56 Hexagonal Bar

Troy GOT-56 Hexagonal Bar

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The spacious diamond design allows it to accommodate virtually any user. It is more efficient for deadlifts and shoulder shrugs than a traditional barbell because the weight being lifted is transferred to knees and thighs rather than hips and lower back, thereby reducing stress to those areas and preventing injury. The high weight capacity makes it a good choice for lighter institutional settings or heavy duty home use. 

Bar Weight: 43lbs.

Overall Length: 56 inch
Inside handle to inside handle distance: 23.5”
Loadable sleeve length – 10” Specs/Features: Finish: Polished
Knurling: Medium
Sleeve Attached: Welded to frame
Weight capacity: 300lbs
Shaft Diameter – 25mm

Collar diameter – 2”